“We are always working hard to remain ahead of the competition and relevant to the current market while positioning Blue Sky Meats, our farmers and our products in the way they deserve to be.”


The Bluest Sky

“The bluest sky and the greenest grass” – that is what three well-travelled pioneering Southern New Zealanders understood was the reason why their region could produce the most tender succulent free-range grass-fed lamb they had tasted, and supply it to the world.  So that is what they did.

More than 20 years later their theory has proven itself and Blue Sky Meats has built a strong international reputation on that basis. 

From small beginnings in 1987, Blue Sky Meats has grown to be a public unlisted company employing 350 staff, many of whom have been with Blue Sky Meats since it began.  They are the type of people who take a pride in what they produce knowing these high quality meat cuts will be gracing tables throughout the world.  Our farmers are the same.

Staying true to the region that inspires us, Blue Sky Meats has been carefully managed, remaining a single-plant operation and building strong relationships based on traditional values.

The pioneering spirit that launched Blue Sky Meats more than 20 years ago continues to shine through in everything we do today.