Priority for contracts

Contract space is allocated in the following order:

  1. Shareholders (at 26th October 2016)
  2. Non-Shareholders who are supplying 100% of their stock and have supplied on a regular basis in the past
  3. Non-Shareholders who are supplying some lines of stock and have supplied in the past.  Alongside this group are new Non-Shareholders who are committing all their stock to the Company.
  4. Other new Non-Shareholders

The only exception to these rules will be a Supplier, regardless of level of Shareholding, who has clearly not met their contractual obligations in past seasons.

To obtain a Contract, complete and submit the application form. To be considered for a contract, applications must be returned no later than Friday 21st October 2016. There is no guarantee that any contract application recieved after that date will be accepted.