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We employ more than 350 people, including our sales and marketing team based in Auckland. We are proud to still be working with many of the staff and their families who have been with us from the beginning, allowing us to maintain a highly experienced knowledge base.

Staff share our vision of supplying locally-grown, world-class meat.

Senior Management

Jason O'Connell

Plant Manager


027 267 5499

Steve Paynter

General Manager - Operations


03 231 3421 (ext 812)

Grant Mitchell

General Manager – Livestock


027 261 4500

Chad Brown

General Manager – Sales


021 623 097

09 366 6234 

Gary Smith

Interim CFO


Livestock Representatives


General Enquiries


We are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve forged with southern farmers and their families, many of whom have been supplying to us since we began in 1987.

They share our vision of providing exceptional quality products to our customers and we reward our farmers for their loyalty and hard work. The scale and vastness of the environment they operate in never intimidates them. In a shared and hard-working spirit, they choose to work with their surroundings, not against them. We admire that.

Our Plant

In the heart of southern New Zealand sits our Morton Mains processing plant. Our location allows us to be close to our farmers who are committed to growing stock on our fertile land to peak condition and delivering them to our plant just a short journey away. We strive to be better instead of bigger, as such, our focus is on providing you with a range of boutique, specialist cuts. Our single chain, multi-shift plant uses modern technology to produce high-quality, market-leading sheep and lamb cuts with efficiencies that enable us to be competitive while providing a fair return to our farmers.

Our processing plant is capable of processing up to 30,000 stock units per week and includes specialised boning and cutting rooms that, during the peak season, operate 20 hours per day, six days a week.

Our commitment to safety