Tuesday 6th March, 2018 Media release Sponsorship

Blue Sky Meats at Farm Jam

A long-standing relationship with Blue Sky Meats and a Southland farming family has produced some rather tasty results at the annual Farm Jam event.

Farm Jam, an extreme dirt sports event featuring some of the best BMX, freestyle motocross and mountain bike riders from New Zealand and across the world, is held on the 2600-acre Frew family farm in Otapiri Gorge near Winton every year. Blue Sky Meats were proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event.

The Frews are long-time suppliers and supporters to Blue Sky Meats, so a collaboration for this year’s event was a great addition to their sponsorship and is a great reflection of the valued relationships Blue Sky has with its suppliers and shareholders.

After sending their lambs to be processed at Blue Sky Meats, the company gave 20 back to the Frews for various cuts of lamb to be cooked and shared with visitors at Farm Jam.

Prepared by Mat from Mash Catering and The Grille, the lamb was a huge success among the punters and created a unique connection between Farm Jam and the function of the land as a sheep farm.

Operations Manager – Slaughter and Co-Products Billy Wells said it was an “absolutely fantastic” day with some great weather and even better motor cross and biking skills on show.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to see some world-class sporting talent and serving up their lamb, grown on their farm, was a great connection back to the land,” Wells said.

Farm Jam organiser Dan Frew said the event had been a great success and Blue Sky Meats had been very generous as a sponsor.

“They really took charge and did a fantastic job of processing the lamb – the cuts were amazing,” he said.

“The athletes came away just raving about the little things – like eating with us and having the lamb from the farm – it was just a true Kiwi experience for them.”