Wednesday 12th December, 2018 Media release

Uniquely southern lamb to provide suppliers and locals with premium eating experience

Farmer-suppliers to Blue Sky Meats now have a chance to taste their own product due to a recent partnership with a Gore-based eatery, Rustic Café and Restaurant.

Rustic is now serving three newly-designed lamb dishes with product supplied by the Morton Mains-based meat processor; Lamb Loin, Lamb Rack, and the Rustic Kiwi Lamb Burger.

The partnership heralded the introduction of food service relationships between Blue Sky Meats and Southland businesses to showcase the unique flavour of its southern lamb.

Blue Sky Meats CEO Todd Grave said the partnership allowed locals a chance to try its product, including their suppliers.

“Southland is our home base so it’s important for us to be present in our local community and give our farmer-suppliers, staff and the public access to our fantastic southern lamb, cooked to world-class standards at quality restaurants such as Rustic,” he said.

As well as the re-launched menu, Rustic has recently renovated its premise; expanding their size and introducing a newly decorated interior, providing people with an exceptional dining experience.

To see Rustic’s full menu, click HERE.