Supply to us

The southern New Zealand farmers who supply us are as passionate about producing premium quality products as we are, and we reward this passion and dedication to excellence.

We set our competitive schedule prices on a weekly basis and we never vary them for one farmer over another. Our heavy lamb contract is also available for certain specifications. We pay our farmers 14 days after processing, with no money retained for any purpose.

We have a consistent policy of basing procurement on forward contracts and at any one time the bulk of our daily requirements are contracted.

We are committed to a genuine partnership with our farmers. The contract provides certainty to farmers allowing them to plan ahead.

Suppliers Meetings

We are committed to our partners and are always looking at ways to ensure optimal reward for both sides of the partnership.

We hold supplier meetings during August each year before lambing for existing and potential clients. We contact our current suppliers prior to the event each year and invite them to bring along anyone who has not supplied Blue Sky Pastures before and is interested in supplying in future.

We will post the location and dates of the 2022 meetings soon.


We are proud of the strong partnerships we have forged with southern farmers, many of whom have been supplying to us since we began in 1987.

We procure the majority of our lambs and ewes under a contract system, as this provides the most certainty to everyone in the supply chain and optimises our ability to market product.

To apply to contract lambs and ewes, fill out the Stock Booking Form below. We will then contact you to confirm that we have received your application and make any further arrangements.

For more details on requirements for supplying lambs and ewes follow. If you have a question that is not covered here contact our procurement team.

Bobby Calves

We’ve forged strong partnerships with our local farmers, many of whom have been suppliers from the beginning.

To supply us Bobby Calves in the 2020 season, please complete and return this application form. For more information on supplying us Bobby Calves, contact our procurement team here. Bobby Calves are picked up from the gate at the end of July.

Please note:

• Processing will start on Monday 3rd August, 2020

• All cartage is paid by Blue Sky Pastures.

• Owner delivered calves receive $5.00 per calf – credit will show on kill sheet

• Schedule prices are subject to change

Owner Deliveries

Owner delivery times will be updated in the spring once bobby processing commences.

Stock Booking Form


Total Thoughtput:

Will you deal exclusively with Blue Sky Pastures for the sale of Lambs and Ewes in the coming season?

If the answer is Yes what total numbers do you intend to kill?

If the answer is Yes what total numbers do you intend to kill?


If you are killing ewes at Blue Sky Pastures, please nominate your likely shearing date.