Supply to us

The southern New Zealand farmers who supply us are as passionate about producing premium quality products as we are, and we reward this passion and dedication to excellence.

We set our competitive schedule prices on a weekly basis and we never vary them for one farmer over another. Our heavy lamb contract is also available for certain specifications. We pay our farmers 14 days after processing, with no money retained for any purpose.

We have a consistent policy of basing procurement on forward contracts and at any one time the bulk of our daily requirements are contracted.

We are committed to a genuine partnership with our farmers. The contract provides certainty to farmers allowing them to plan ahead.

Supplier Meetings

We are committed to our partners and are always looking at ways to ensure optimal reward for both sides of the partnership. We hold supplier meetings during August each year before lambing for existing and potential clients. We contact our current suppliers prior to the event each year and invite them to bring along anyone who has not supplied Blue Sky Meats (NZ) Ltd before and is interested in supplying in future.

Meetings for 2017 have now finished.

Ewes and Lambs

We are proud of the strong partnerships we have forged with southern farmers, many of whom have been supplying to us since we began in 1987.

We procure the majority of our lambs and ewes under a contract system, as this provides the most certainty to everyone in the supply chain and optimises our ability to market product.

To apply to contract lambs and ewes, fill out the Stock Booking Form below. We will then contact you to confirm that we have received your application and make any further arrangements.  

For more details on requirements for supplying lambs and ewes follow.  If you have a question that is not covered here contact our procurement team

Priority for Contracts

Contract space is allocated in the following order:

  1. Shareholders 
  2. Non-shareholders who are supplying 100% of their stock and have supplied on a regular basis in the past
  3. Non-shareholders who are supplying some lines of stock and have supplied in the past.  Alongside this group are new non-shareholders who are committing all their stock to the company
  4. Other new non-shareholders

The only exception to these rules will be a supplier, regardless of level of shareholding, who has clearly not met their contractual obligations in past seasons.

To obtain a contract, complete and submit the application form. To be considered for a contract, applications must be returned no later than Friday, December 1, 2017. There is no guarantee that any contract application received after that date will be accepted.

Heavy Lamb Contract Conditions

Our heavy lamb contract has been popular in the past. Here are the conditions stock must meet:

1. New seasons lamb only

2. Price

$6.20 per kg

3. Weight range

20 - 26 kg carcass weight

4. Timing

December to May
Farmer chooses dates

5. Numbers

Minimum 50 per line
Must be separate from others on that day
May be restrictions in any one month

6. Grading

Y, P, and T and grades acceptable
Cutters minus 50 cents per kg

7. Regular Suppliers

Contracts must be entered under suppliers names only.

8. Other numbers

Suppliers MUST contract AND supply two other animals (lamb only) for every one in this contract

9. Penalties

10 cents/kg penalty across the whole line for every 10% reduction in the number per line that don't meet all the conditions (including weight and contracted total)

10. Payment

No money withheld
Each line treated separately

11. Closing date

Friday 1st December 2017

Confirmation on contract information

100% Suppliers

The following benefits apply to shareholders who commit all their ewes and lambs to the company and to non-shareholders who make the same commitment and whose total numbers are greater than 1000, subject to there being sufficient space to handle them all.

  • They have first access to the space that is not contracted each week. This is available for ewes as well as lambs and has proved to be a real bonus during dry conditions.
  • They receive one free Optigrow test per season.

We appreciate it is impossible for 100% suppliers to be accurate with contract dates for all stock. If you are a 100% supplier please only apply for specific dates and numbers that you are confident of meeting up to about 90% of your total kill. It is critical that you answer the question concerning total numbers so that we can plan for the extras. Contract numbers will be no greater than numbers actually supplied last year.

Drafting, Cartage and Payment

Can be done by


20 cents per head credit on lamb. No credit on ewes or rams

Blue Sky Meats

No credit or deduction is made

Third Party

No deduction is made


Cartage is paid by Blue Sky Meats (NZ) Ltd.


Stock is paid for in full, including all premiums, 14 days from slaughter date.  No money is retained by the company at any time.


The following policies apply:

We will continue to remove bellies on plant at no cost to the supplier.

  1. All dags, faecal, or mud must be removed before delivery. This includes anal, leg and testicles. Deductions and allowances for stock presentation will be made in accordance with our Presentation Schedule. 
  2. Belly removal is voluntary (except for shorn ewes, which must have their bellies shorn also).
  3. We reserve the right to recover any abnormal costs incurred as a result of animals not being properly emptied out prior to transport.

Presentation Schedule

We now operate a presentation schedule on all stock. Each mob will be graded based on presentation, with an allowance or deduction applied per head in accordance with the following table:












To obtain a confirmed contract, suppliers will be required to complete our Farm Assurance details. Farm Assurance documents will be forwarded with the contract details in late October/early November. 

Click here for your Farm Assurance booklet.


Regardless of whether a cover comb is used or not, all stock must have been shorn for at least three weeks before slaughter. The application form includes a question regarding shearing dates of ewes. This is to ensure that allocated contract dates fit in with the three-week shearing requirement.


Costs associated with unacceptable inoculation damage (usually from inoculating in the back) will be recovered from the supplier.

Bobby Calves

We’ve forged strong partnerships with our local farmers, many of whom have been suppliers from the beginning.
To start supplying bobby calves or for information on supplying us bobby calves, contact our procurement team here.

Bobby calves are picked up from the gate from the start of August. 

Owner Deliveries

Owner delivery times will be updated in the spring once bobby processing commences.

Stock Booking Form

November 2017 - June 2018

Preferred Kill Dates

Total Throughput:

Will you deal exclusively with Blue Sky Meats for the sale of Lambs and Ewes in the coming season?

If the answer is Yes what total numbers do you intend to kill?


If you are killing ewes at Blue Sky Meats please nominate your likely shearing date.