With the upcoming season beginning in the coming weeks, the company was looking to expand its seasonal workforce to keep up with the challenging and rewarding demands of the primary industry.

CEO Todd Grave said last year’s season had been a long one and the next one was forecasted to be similar.

“We had a strong 2019-20 season which saw our productivity increase, something that we’d really like to build on for the next season,” he said.

“Our gains have been hard fought and we’re pleased that we can offer employment at a time where job opportunities are scarce.”

The longer season also meant the company was able to invest in more development work with staff, such as structured training programmes for skill enhancement (including apprenticeships), and also paved the way for a clear long-term career path with Blue Sky Pastures and the red meat industry, Grave said. Overtime opportunities would also be available.

As part of growing the business, the company had invested over $9 million in its Morton Mains plant to update its infrastructure and improve health and safety, making Blue Sky Pastures a safe and sustainable place to work.

Completed work includes a new wastewater treatment plant to process and treat effluent to a higher standard and a new ammonia refrigeration plant which will use a more environmentally friendly and efficient ammonia gas.

Key safety projects completed during the year included a full transition to hand-sensing auto-stop bandsaws, plant-wide machine guarding, a new roading layout to separate people from vehicles and stringent COVID-19 protocols which kept the workforce COVID-19 free and earning during very challenging times.