Job sharing – recruitment

As the working season gears up for 2021, Blue Sky Pastures is offering workers an industry-leading opportunity to be more flexible with days for work and see the skills of their staff be shared amongst the workforce.

In keeping with the Southland meat processor’s modern values and emphasis on work culture, job-sharing shifts will be available this season for the first time.

Job sharing involves multiple people covering the length of one full-time shift as a means of flexible workdays. For example, a full-time shift (five and a half days) could be covered by one person working three days and another person working two and a half days.

Blue Sky Pastures CEO Jim Goodall said such job-sharing arrangements would allow staff to tailor their roles to better suit their lifestyles.

“Blue Sky has always had a sense of ‘family’ about it, and this is another way we can ensure we’re working with and listening to our staff to introduce initiatives that allow them greater flexibility while also keeping Blue Sky’s productivity up,” he said.

The are multiple merits in job sharing, such as reducing absenteeism and injury rates, allowing for a better work-life balance.

Most beneficial, however, was the retention and sharing of vital knowledge and skills among Blue Sky Pasture staff.

Through offering job share shifts, the opportunity for knowledge to be passed on is retained, which allows for older workers or those looking to retire to pass the baton to medium skilled workers looking to take a step up, while also bringing new recruits into the business.

Blue Sky Pastures has long been a business dedicated to its workers, offering industry-leading pay, a long work season of roughly 10 months, structured training and development and increased earning opportunities.

Applications are now open for Blue Sky Pastures’ new season, with processing roles across the plant available, including in the boning rooms and on the slaughter floor. New recruits can indicate their interest in job sharing shifts during the on-boarding process.